Massage Portable Tables

Introduction to Massage Portable Tables

Do you have a spa and massage business? Are you planning to start such a venture? If you are, it would be a good idea to start searching for the equipment you will need for the business. You could start with looking for portable massage tables. These are must-haves in the spa and massage business. Portable massage tables can be used both in the spa and massage salon and when doing home services, in case the client wants the massage to be done in his or her own home.

Choosing a Portable Massage Table

There are a few things to consider before buying portable massage tables. First of all, you must consider the size of the portable massage table. Consider the dimensions that will fit in your salon and remember the width of the massage table has to be wide enough to hold your client. Usually, the standard measurement for the width of a massage table would be around 24 inches, but there are massage portable tables with bigger widths. It would be a good idea for you to have massage tables with both big and small widths to service individuals of all sizes, but usually a massage table that is of bigger width would be more comfortable.

The lengths of the massage tables are usually designed in proportion with the widths of the massage tables, which means massage tables which are of smaller width will be shorter in length compared to bigger widths that are longer in length. The heights of the massage tables, on the other hand, are usually standardised and uniform. However, there are now massage tables that have adjustable height levels which are better for you to acquire. As for the weight of the portable massage tables, different materials used in building a massage table give the table different weights. In addition to this, massage tables which are of wider widths require more sturdy materials and are usually a bit heavier than massages tables with small widths.

The next point to consider is accessories. It is best to choose a portable massage table with adjustable head rests or cradles for the face and adjustable resting areas for the arms. The head rests or cradles for the face will give the table a longer look and will help the client's head, neck, and back relax better during the massage session. The adjustable rests for the arms gives support to the shoulders and arms while the client is lying down and can help relax the shoulders and back during the massage session.

Tips for Proper and Safe Use of the Portable Massage Table

It is important to know how to use a portable massage table properly and to always exercise safety during each massage session. Starting with the flooring on which the massage table is placed, the massage table should always be placed on a flat and sturdy surface. Uneven surfaces can cause the clients to slide out of the massage table and fall. The uneven surface may also cause the massage table to rock, therefore causing an improper massage for the client because of uneven pressure applied during the massage. All locks, clips, and fixtures should also be properly secured to keep the table stable during the massage session.

Massage Portable Tables