Small Portable Tables

Introduction to Small Portable Tables

Small portable tables are highly versatile items which come in various shapes and sizes. The great thing about these objects is the fact that they can have multiple uses, being perfect on a number of occasions and events. Being portable, these tables are lightweight and can be easily folded or rolled down to be hidden in various places of the house without taking notice of their presence.

Special Features

Small portable tables have different special features, making them even more attractive and useful for your parties or family gatherings. Some have adjustable parts which help create larger tables in order to accommodate more people. This feature is incredibly practical when having a limited space, not to mention the fact that buying a 'small' portable table can actually provide you a bigger table than the average-sized one and probably even cheaper. Other features of small portable tables include waterproof and chip proof properties, attachable umbrellas or drawers, and adjustable legs and backrests.

When to use a Small Portable Table

Small portable tables fit into a number of situations including birthday parties, barbeques, on camping sites, at picnics, gardens, at the beach and during banquets. These tables can also be useful around the house and can also be used for decorative purposes. A small portable table can be easily carried into the garden to help you create the perfect oasis by beautifying the table with flowering plants and setting another one for serving ice teas on hot summer days.

Variety of Tables

Small portable tables come in various materials, including plastic, wood and aluminium, with tops made out of straws, glass, plastic, wood and bamboo etc. The colours range as well with small portable tables being sold in various colours, while some are even customisable and available to be repainted in whatever colours suits your aesthetic best.

Some small portable tables have wheels to move them easier around, yet their incredibly light weight won't prevent you from picking one up in one hand and carrying it to a different spot. The circumference of the table top can be as small as a few tens of centimetres, with the weight being no more than 15 pounds. Of course these numbers vary according to the model, allowing you to choose exactly what you need without spending too many pounds on it. In fact, small portable tables are more than affordable and can be bought with only a few pounds from specialised stores or through making an order on one of the many websites whose offers abound in small portable tables.

Despite of their versatility, small portable tables are really easy to assemble, requiring very little or no tools at all. Most have innovative or simple designs and reliable sturdiness, without you ever having to worry about the legs of the table scratching your floor. Many portable tables are built in such a way they protect sensitive surfaces from getting scratched- their non-skid feet making them suitable for any floor surface from the house. Easy to clean, weather and water resistant, small portable tables may seem easily breakable, yet quality tables are not in any danger of breaking unless you use them for purposes different to what they were created for.

Small Portable Tables