Round Portable Tables

Introduction to Round Portable Tables

Round tables, as opposed to rectangular ones, are ideal in the case of a small number of people dining together. They are quite unpractical for a large number of people, occupying more space than necessary, but in the case of 3 to 5 or 6 people, they allow a much more direct contact, making it so that all people sitting at the table can see each other and reach all that is placed on it without great effort. They might also be considered a tad more stylish than rectangular tables.

Prices for Round Portable Tables

Just like with all kinds of portable tables, round table prices can vary based on size and characteristics. A 5ft round table can be found at around £150 if made of wood or £200 if laminated, at the Gopak website ( At the same website, an aluminium folding table with standard dimensions around 48'' by 24'' can be found for £139. Mogo Direct ( offers round tables with a 48'' diameter for £55, and round tables with a 60'' diameter for £68. For comparison, a rectangular table with dimensions 72'' by 30'' can be found for £55. The tables are comparable as far as the numbers of seats go, although the round ones can fit more food on them (on the other hand, they take up more space).

Cost Cutters ( offer larger tables: an 8 seat round table can be found for £780 – for comparison, a 12-16 seat rectangular table made up of the same material can be found for £890. Your choice will of course depend on the number of guests you usually expect, although in this case, the cost-effective option will obviously be the rectangular one.

Why Buy a Round Portable Table?

As seen above, when the shape is the only thing varying (as in, we talk about comparable sizes and materials), round tables are generally more expensive than rectangular ones. This could explain why a quick search for portable tables will show that rectangular tables are more popular and more easily available. Also, in the case of a larger number of guests, the round table can be quite impractical – the centre space can become unreachable to guests, making it rather useless.

On the other hand, the style of a round table can be seen as superior to a rectangular one. The centre space while useless in practicality can be decorated so that the setting becomes friendlier. Round tables, from the time of King Arthur onwards, have been perceived as more welcoming – with everyone at the table sharing an equal position. At a round table, eye contact with anyone is not an issue - therefore encouraging social contact. Please keep in mind though, as mentioned before, that round tables can be very unpractical for a large number of people and eye contact does not help if the person is standing meters away from you. In the end, the decision belongs to you and how much weight you put on the practical and style aspects, when acquiring a piece of furniture.

Round Portable Tables